Multiple eclipse ide installations in the same system

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LAMP server on Fedora

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A few days ago,one of the Davis Instruments’s Automatic Weather Stations that has the Dirección de Hidráulica of the Province of Entre Rios presented a problem receiving data from the sensors.

When we went to see what was happening, we noticed that the console showed a message that said “NOT LOCK PLL. PLEASE REBOOT”.

We didn’t found much information about it on internet, so we decided to update the console’s firmware, which didn’t do nothing. We decided to bring the console to our workplace to evaluate it and see if we could find a solution.

After a few days, when the console was without batteries or any power, we decided to turn it on, to our surprise, the console booted successfully, without displaying the message, and began to receive data from the sensors we have in our building.

Honestly, we could not find out what the problem was, nor what was the solution, but the console is running with no problems now.

I conclude that it may have been a parameter that remained (wrong) configured on the console, even while it was without batteries or power transformer, solar panel, etc., and it lost to be without power for a period of time considered.